Madden stated that she's a valuable asset to have

  • Madden's offensive partner is Chamberlin who's skills on the Madden nfl 22 coins perimeter blends seamlessly with Madden's interior presence. Even though Chamberlin has had trouble shooting the ball at the start of the season, she scored 15.9 points per game during the season. She was making 45% of her total shots, as well as 72 triples in an average of 41.

    Her passing is perhaps her best contribution, however given that what Blue River boasts in shooting it lacks in guard playmaking. Chamberlin's 3.2 assists per game average last year is now 4.3 per game to date this season, and the focus she gets on defense helps Madden and the others on the team's shooting team thrive.

    "We've definitely come a long way closer than when she first started. She was a little shy initially however now she and her have a laugh. We know each other on the court," Madden said. "My sophomore year, we did not have an (knockdown) shooter So the way they stopped us was cover me in the post. We lost that game in semi-state. Being able to have Maci around helps immensely."

    "It gives us an inside-out punch," Bales said. "Her passing is super ... she's aware of the ground so clearly and she's very unselfish."

    It's a matter of putting her entire body to help the team. She's scrappy, takes charges she thumps loose balls, fights to score rebounds and plays strong defense. All of this frequently leaves her with an "daily" number of bumps and bruises, in the words of Bales.

    Madden stated that she's a valuable asset to have at Blue River's side . However, she acknowledged that it's not easy to train against Loveless. But she's made the team more stout and that, in conjunction with her extensive experience could help the Vikings maintain their postseason success.

    "Her energy is exactly what we require. Everyone feeds off of her. And what she accomplishes, lifts us all along," Bales said. "Last year, she was coming off the bench. She played about half the game. She was the same kind of player, just not as disciplined ... it's been cheap mut coins madden 22 a while since she has become more (in more in) and she isn't turning it over."