Do Royal Trouble then, as Kemo told me


    I'm not convinced. For instance, if we press Esc to close your bank, you would have to use coordinates to locate what X to close the bank, making it automated , and old school rs gold thus illegal. Additionally, pressing F10 to switch to bank and equipment which isn't 1:1 input to output. Going from equipment to bank has a variety of purposes and it is not possible to do with 1 click , unless you hack the game in order to enable it to do this.

    If that's not an issue, then brainstorm the things you would like it to do. I was unable to comprehend what you were asking but I gave my attempt. um, dunno were you've been, but there's a button in your bank that can show your equipment in one click... Insofar the ratio is 1:1, I do not see the need to be concerned since Jagex has added hotkeys to inventions like F1 or F1. I didn't even know that existed, so it's no reason to idiot about it...

    The issue is that you are getting more than 1 output from a single key press. You can't accomplish it unless you hack the game applet to add extra key bindings. You can do it with an external program but that isn't one input to one output. This is one input (Esc or F10) to multiple outputs (cursor movement and clicking.) The best you can achieve is the mouse click. This makes it ineffective since you could accomplish this using Mousekeys.

    If you're not doing it done so, you should also try Royal Trouble because it lets you make more money for the coffers. I'm guessing that you won't online for extended periods of time, so when you can, put 7.5m of funds in your coffers (talk to Advisor Ghrimm, click "Manage"), and set Maples at MAX for workers and herb to 50% workers.

    This way, you can spend 90 days or more without collecting the stuff from your kingdom but still earn the maximum amount of money. Personally, I've put in 750,000+ (75k*8) and collect every Wednesday. The appeal will be lost, so it will not be max. It used to be that I checked it on a daily basis for a full-blown max, but I was able to check it once every several days.

    Do Royal Trouble then, as Kemo told me, 100 herbs and 50 maples is consistence 100 maples and 50 maples can provide you with some wonderful weeks with the help of seeds. Yeah, that's exactly what I meant by that. I'm always forgetting the distinction between them. In addition, I'm fairly certain buy RS gold it's only relevant if the approbation is completely when collecting it, not everyday.