This is pretty decent, however, you'll be out of inventory

  • Good luck! It's all about how you'd like to proceed, personally, I hate RuneScape Gold runecrafting and don't want to spend the money, which is why I slay constantly currently for designs to use on my runecrafting. Also, I'm helping others with their RC and effigies (91 to date, I'd suggest this since it's free 30k rc XP per day)

    I'd recommend the penguins as well to get a quick gain once every week because that's a great way to build up to a high XP count for as long as it will take to get to 99 Runecrafting. Also, when the free trade system returns, we'll be seeing the increase of Air Law, Air, and Double nature returning to the scene as well, which could be the better option to just sit at the altar all day and let people speak an essence to your life.

    I'm contemplating camping with avies figures are 73 range/80def/60 pray. Do i need to use the tank method? If yes, what should i wear? Would it be better to just wear my current range armor? (full armadyl, snakskin boots as well as zamorak's blessed dhide vamps ), ava's accumelatour ammy of range-wearing, rune cbow broad bolts, god book.

    The Granite shield works well as it offers a highly distance defense... Or should I just put on monk's robes and a high prayer bonus and pray continuously? I'm running exlibtur according to specs (or what you call it) is there a better version? (don't mention enchanted version because i do not want to pay 10m to get it)

    Kepp which is great for healing. I'm likely to own exbiltur, nature runes, firestaff mithril grapples, Saradmoin arrow(saradomin item) with a free inv space for loot or two, two tabs of b2p, and more than 8 range pots. other sharks. I'll add monksfish to my terrobird. How can i alter this?

    This is pretty decent, however, you'll be out of inventory or time slots for the terrorbird before you get to this it seems like, Maybe there are only monks in the inventory, however it seems that the b2p can be used at around 80 defense. However, the terrorbird couldn't hurt I'd guess, just play with it.

    It's extremely profitable to take down a foe, especially with falador shield 4. Instead, go with a terrorbird and make sure that it begins combat with the mole every single time. What will happen is that the terrorbird will start to move in the course of the mole, even in the osrs best site to buy gold event of digging, giving you a great idea which direction it is located.