was a simple case of that I was bored of the game

  • Now that magic is allowed to be used for no reason, it does make WOW TBC Gold little to no sense to think that all Orc Warchiefs and Leaders are warriors and not overpowered magicians. Also, while being a rare lorewize users in the Warcraft universe possess cataclysmic powers in comparison to nonmagic users.Thrall is an all-hero's child and is tall. It's normal for him be taller than the majority of orcs. His softer nature grew as he got more attuned to elements, and began to study shamanism. Garrosh is the son of a hero, was able to improve his blade capabilities. Garrosh is also believed to have the most formidable willpower in Warcraft.

    If it were young pre-horde Thrall vs young pre-horde Garrohs Then, sure, Thrall would probably slap him around.

    The points you make are sensible and logical, although you kinda skipped across Garrosh in wotlk . Garrosh was a major player many things because he spent some time fighting in northrend, which was one of the major motives for him to be warchief.

    Botanica's mages with low levels are obviously cheating, I can understand the logic behind it. What is the way to make mass reporting in BRD possible when it's solely based on their level, class the location, or coolness? Some innocents could get swept into those mass reports and be punished for playing the game.

    The system is completely automated and requires a huge number of reports to trigger it. The system won't notice that a guildless, rando Rogue is in the dungeon at exactly the same level as bots.

    was a simple case of that I was bored of the game as a whole, and I didn't make it very far, didn't have the ability to play with any characters at all. I was not feeling any enthusiasm for the game, so to speak.

    A while ago, I decided "Hey, I'll just make an paladin to have fun, similar to Uther" and that's what I did. I had reached level 5 at which point I was ready to leave when I got an invitation to join a random guild. To an RP guild.

    I was confused , but I was a member of the guild regardless.

    Let me clarify that I've had no experience at all in WoW RP, and I stated that clearly during the chat with guild members however, the person who accepted cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold me said that it was okay, and could guide me through the process.