New World endgame content once again aroused the anger of playe

  • On the game’s forum, angry players called on Amazon Game Studios to broadcast live through Myrkgard’s endgame area.

    New World has faced many problems in the past month. Whether it is repeated items or full of robots in the game, players feel that the experience is not good. Amazon Game Studios’ efforts to repair and improve it also reassures players and stimulated their desire to buy New World Gold. But the good times didn’t last long. Recently, the elite endgame area named Myrkgard has annoyed players again.

    In order to prevent players from “breaking into” the content of the new world, Amazon Game Studio has implemented significant enhancements to the enemy’s health and overall statistics when there are over 5 players in the region, which allows players in the region More and more frustrated in favorite game content.

    The overall state of the game has exacerbated the peak of this frustration among players, because players are getting less and less New World Gold through endgame content.

    New World players ask Amazon Game Studios to try Myrkgard’s elite endgame content as players. They need to kill all creatures along the way, including serious enemies such as commanders, bears, and beasts.

    Because for New World players, the more they are in the later stages, the stronger their desire to win. They hope to complete the last game through their own efforts as soon as possible. However, the difficulty of the endgame content has increased, making players unable to achieve their desired goals. For this reason, many players also bought New World Gold to enhance their strength.

    Considering the belligerent mood of the player base, the declining population of the new world, and the instability of the game, Amazon Game Studios needs to think about whether to make improvements seriously. After all, the needs of players are more important.

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