What is New World New Perks?

  • Amazon Game Studios is working hard to improve the MMO and even announced the first server merger on December 8. This may be just one of many mergers that have occurred since then. However, soon, New World will receive its December update, as well as a special holiday event. However, before that, Amazon has given up the December tentative update on the Public Test Environment server. It also shared updated patch notes, including more than a dozen new Perks players will use. Players are full of anticipation and buy New World Gold as a preparation for welcome.

    In the December patch, 14 new Perks were listed in introducing New World. Perks seem to target several specific areas. For example, there are several new Perks that can improve collection efficiency, offensive Perks can reduce the opponent’s healing effect, Perks can increase fully charged attacks or active grit attacks, and Perks that reduce damage from different sources. Players can spend New World Gold to get these Perks to enhance the capabilities of weapons and equipment.

    Amazon’s new Perks range seems in response to very specific feedback from New World players. It is often seen that players in the new world are frustrated with the time required to collect and cannot deal with the treatment in PvP. Grit and charged attacks are high-risk and low-reward, or lack the defensive privileges of tanks. These new Perks will provide more in-depth optimization of the equipment of New World players.

    For those unfamiliar players, Perks is an ability attached to weapons and armor. Each project can have zero to three Perks, depending on its quality. For example, Common-quality items do not have Perks, while Epic-quality items have three. Weapons and armor can also have gem slots, and each gem provides a specific Perk for better optimization. It can be said that New World players spend a lot of time or New World Gold trying to get equipment with perfect Perks.

    Of course, the new Perks are not all in the December patch. The PRT patch notes also detail the changes, including major changes in PvP battles. As lower-level players have higher damage mitigation issues, Amazon rewrote the formula for PvP damage.

    New World’s adjustments not only allow players to win better but also drive their desire to buy New World Gold.