Amazon Game Studios is restricting World Bot accounts

  • In the past month, Amazon Game Studios’ pirate theme New World has been plagued by a series of problems. Recently, there has been a surge in robot activity. Robot accounts have set up camps at some of the more popular resource collection points in the game to get materials. Players consider resources are not unique to them, and that they must compete to cultivate these resources. Robot activity means that their progress has been slowed down.

    In MMO, farming materials can be a very tedious process. Many players choose to spend New World Gold to buy the resources they need, but some players insist on farming materials. Now the influx of many advanced robots makes players full of worries. Robots are easy to spot because they can easily be spotted fishing in empty lakes and running between mineral deposits with no material. Some players even see robots camping on the same material hotspots for weeks. Therefore, these robots seriously affect the in-game economy.

    New World server merger may also have a considerable impact on the in-game economy. Smaller servers will have more resource access rights, and medium-sized servers will face more competition, combining smaller servers with medium-sized servers will cause problems. Amazon's solution to economic differences is to only allow small servers to merge with other small servers, and vice versa, because players can get equivalent New World Gold and resources.

    Another factor affecting the in-game economy is that the patch released a week ago ended up giving away approximately 300,000 New World Gold to random New World players. Amazon Game Studios originally wanted to give out to players who lost items from the trading post, but unfortunately, it was eventually sent out randomly.

    Amazon assures fans they are aware of the increase in robot activity in the game and are working to ban them as soon as possible. New World is a very promising MMO. Once Amazon solves the lingering problems of the game, players are expected to enjoy it in the next few years, and they can continue to buy New World Gold for more convenience.

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