Details about the upcoming update of New World

  • Amazon Games is about to release an important update for New World, introducing new weapons and enemies, and many fixes. This is a big update. Players can buy more New World Coins as a preparation before the update arrives.

    Void Gauntlets are the first new weapon type introduced. It aims to be a hybrid of magical damage and healing support, which can expand intelligence and focus. Annihilation Mastery Tree Specialization has become a more traditional close-range damage treatment, while Decay Tree prefers long-range games with debuffs and healing. Amazon Game Studios recommends that it be paired with Life Staff and other magic weapons, so that the effect will be very good. So Void Gauntlets will become the type of weapon players will spend New World Coins to get. New enemies also appear as Varangian Knights, a group with cruel leaders and a desire for magical artifacts.

    Besides the new content, there are also bug fixes and overall improvements for the value of light novels. One big change is that players move 10% faster when driving on the road. This is a pretty good choice, because players have complained about the lack of mounts before. The movement speed increase will only occur after the players have run on the road for at least three seconds, and will be cancelled when the players draw their weapons, dodge, block, or get hit by a debuff. This also saves players New World Coins that spent on fast travel to a certain extent.

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