New World bans the accounts of many players permanently

  • A few days ago, New World had to shut down the in-game economy after discovering multiple repeated failures temporarily. Players can basically create several extremely valuable items, such as trophies, which can provide added game end-game accessories. Players can use faults to copy some rare items, and sell them to earn more Cheap New World Coins.

    Amazon Game Studios did not deal with those who exploited this or earlier vulnerabilities. The developer blog posted by the community manager Luxendra wrote: Bad actors have discovered an error that allows players to copy in-game items to earn New World Coins through data packet manipulation. Amazon Game Studios stated they will not tolerate exploits.

    For these vulnerabilities, Amazon Game Studios permanently banned over 1,200 players, removed their items from the economy, and cancelled their trading post lists. They took decisive action, permanently banning the worst account criminals and eliminating over 80% of New World Coins and item value from the economy. “

    The post continues to apologize to the vast majority of non-repeated participants who have been affected by the downtime and massive influx of the economy. They took some time to determine where the items would go, and they permanently banned 460 additional players from participating in the original transaction or updated housing development activities. By doing so, Amazon Game Studios can remove 98% of the remaining cheated items and New World Coins in the game.

    Amazon Games also investigated how deep the impact of the exploit is and believes that advanced equipment does not have “a significant uptick.” The developer stated it is still studying the list of items involved in housing development and is preparing to use permaban-hammer in due course.

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