Amazon's new Super Bowl ad features Alexa… that's creepy.


    Amazon's Super Bowl LVI ad features real-life couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost imagining mind-reading Alexa to ruin their relationship by exposing each other to unfiltered thoughts. The ad started at the couple's home, with Jost calling Johansson to check,

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    commanding a great smart home for the big game. "Alexa, today is match day," Jost says confidently. And the home assistant turned on the TV and played soccer on Amazon's Prime video service, turned off the blinds, and chilled a bottle of rose in the smart wine cooler. "It's like she can read your mind," they said in unison.

    The final action to cool the bottle is based on an actual Alexa feature called Hunches, where Amazon collects data in your smart home to predict and suggest actions to take, such as turning off the lights in your bedroom. When you set the scene in living room. Premonition is enabled by default.