Stunning UK and Ireland map of radar satellites.

  • ESA - A rare cloud-free view of Ireland, Great Britain and northern France


    This is a view of the United Kingdom and Ireland that you will never see before.The mosaic is based on images obtained from the NovaSar satellite.It looks like a cheese grater. This specialist spacecraft takes images of the Earth's surface using radar.The beauty of this technology is that it can detect the ground even when it's in heavy clouds or at night.

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    So this map was assembled by NovaSar in just seven rounds.optical satellites that view scenes at the wavelengths we are familiar with Will try to create such a map in a short time. Britain's famous gray weather will always be frustrating.Radar is very deterministic,” said Andrew Cawthorne,

    director of Earth Observation at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), which builds and owns NovaSar.know that when you pass You will get an image that is free from any external influences. that cause you problems"I can't show the full image on this page. The one in my possession is two gigabytes.