More and more musicians are releasing their own music

  • Kylie Minogue confirms she is moving back to Australia - BBC News


    Like Olivia Rodrigo's license, which was released a year ago, Smith's song is a tribute to the end of a relationship that went viral on TikTok before it made its way to mainstream success.But there is one important difference. Although Rodrigo was signed to Universal Music,

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    the world's largest record label, Smith had no record deal at all.Instead, her music is distributed by a US service called TuneCore, which brings her music to services like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube for a flat fee.

    Smith retains ownership of her primary recordings and receives a fee. 100% copyright when her music is streamed. To achieve this level as an independent artist "It's really crazy,I definitely feel like doing something like this. I need a large record label in the background.