BTS star RM opened up about struggling with public expectations


    During an interview with Vogue Korea, the K-pop singer admitted that he "Struggling" with other people's expectations and feeling that they are too high.

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    Even though I will be working in a completely different field in the future. People expect me to accomplish something. And I may not be able to live up to those expectations,The star then opened up about the pressures that come with success at a young age.

    By noting that the band debuted at the age of 20 and he is currently representing "Nation at 28" RM explained that other creative people, such as painters, had a much longer career. and sometimes debuting at the age of 40 or 60
    That's why I want to live as a painter," he continues.

    Some say it's more important to focus on the present than the dream. They're right, and I relate to their point. It is not good for society to pressure people to have dreams. But dreams are also important. I hope many people still hold on to that boy or girl who believes in hard work and hope.