China opposes US military contacts with Taiwan actively

  • China firmly opposes military contacts between U.S., Taiwan region - CGTN


    China actively opposes official exchanges and military contacts between the United States. and the Taiwan region of China China's foreign ministry said on Thursday.Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the ministry, commented in response to questions about CNN's report on Taiwan's leader Tsai Ing-wen,

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    which confirmed that "US Army Training soldiers on this island.Wang urged Washington to adhere to the one China principle and not interfere in China's internal affairs. Emphasizing that the principle is the foundation of China-US politics. relationship.

    He said US warships have "tightened" several times in the Taiwan Strait recently. by sending a fatal error signal to the troops "Taiwan's independence" and threatens peace and stability in the region.

    Who is the perpetrator of coercion? The international community knows the answer very well,in the Taiwan Strait is a stream of history, while "Taiwan's independence" is the end,