'Green' energy projects leave Mississippi city gasp for air


    Carmella Wren-Causey knew something was wrong as soon as she returned to her hometown last year. where she lay on her grandmother's veranda to smell the fresh, sweet scent of pines on a summer evening. Although it's been several years since 60-year-old Wren-Causey smoked her last cigarette. But her breathing became harder and harder.

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    Within a few months of moving into a small house completed It was bought by her grandparents almost a century ago. Even taking care of her garden made her so dizzy that she fainted. short distance hauling of garbage Up the road takes at least three breaks to breathe. Pulling herself

    into her Nissan pickup became a process: one leg, gargle breath, slim down, followed by the other. She hardly slept at night. and just started going to bed with an oxygen tank She had struggled with breathing problems before. But now her doctor had to increase her medication.

    She joked that her inhaler had become her best friend. When her two beloved pug - Rayray and Tiny - her "children" with whom she took her everywhere - died suddenly. only three weeks apart It became a bit true. The dog also had difficulty breathing. panting in anguish shortly before his death