The robot behind the bar wants to fetch your next glass of beer


    on the contrary Dealing with the grumpy person serving your pint or margarita It risks dramatically lowering your happiness level.For those who choose to drink regularly The person behind the bar can be your friend and confidant. Or, as renowned Canadian economist Harry Gordon Johnson once said:

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    The bartender's greatest success lies in his ability to satisfy really want the customers.Soon, however, those bartenders might not even be human. Enter Cecilia, the robot bartender who mixes and serves cocktails. and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to talk to customers in the same way Alexa on the Amazon Echo speaker or Siri on the iPhone can respond to you.

    This unit looks like a tall fruit machine. Only with the lively waitress - Cecilia - appeared on the big video screen upright. You'll tell her what cocktails you want. or order from the touch screen below Then pay for drinks by tapping your bank card or phone.Your cocktail will be mixed and made locally. and pour it into a glass at the vending machine.