The patriotic 'ziganwu' blogger attacked the West.


    With her confident smile, Chinese blogger Guyanmuchan cut a friendly photo on Weibo.The woman commands 6.4 million fans followers on the Chinese platform Twitter, where she posts popular tech and videos about current events.But her brand's lovable beauty – her face depicting

    a dreamy girl posing in the woods – belies her often acidic tone.EU power "Take a dog leash" to America, according to a recent post. The rate of COVID increases in the US state of Texas as evidence of It's a "civil war" where "Americans are killing each other through biological warfare,

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    Many see China's rising patriotism as a result of rising tensions between China and the West. But that's only half of it.Although nationalism is on the rise in many areas in an increasingly globalized world, In China, it is close to promoting President Xi Jinping's strong Chinese identity and the rapid spread of social media.

    Many "Zhi Ganwu" are usually children, raised up with an education full of patriotism and pride of China. and nurture historical memories of the humiliation of a nation," Ms Koetse said. "So you have a sense of anti-foreigner and support for China mixed with stress on Chinese culture and identity.Illustration of a Chinese patriotic blogger