Animal Crossing Bells video games like Heavenly Sword

  • Robert Tatnell (who labored as an artist at Sony and Lionhead, operating on Animal Crossing Bells video games like Heavenly Sword and Fable three) has announced Hokko Life, a PC recreation heavily inspired via Nintendo;s adorable village builder.

    However, Hokko is setting itself aside by way of that specialize in participant creativity. Going out into the wilderness, you may gather substances that can be used to open-endedly personalize furnishings or craft paints that can be used on the whole lot from walls to clothing. Eventually, you may be capable of promote your creations to different gamers inside the department keep, which is set to be expanded in the course of destiny updates.

    Tatnell is also aiming for fishing and gardening to be greater involving than in Animal Crossing, even though what that involves hasn;t been improved on. It honestly sounds like Hokko Life is aiming to be more of a mashup between its apparent proposal and video games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, which sounds just adorable.