Editor's note: In fourth quarter of a match

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    The one that nobody talks about, except for Denver Broncos fans is when we went to Denver and I went through their defense on one play like an ice-cold knife through butter. Not bragging, but it's just the reality of the size I was then and how I was unable how to reach behind my pads. This means that you wouldn't catch me upright running when I didn't have someone 5 or 6 feet behind me trying to chase me. But when I was up in the middle of traffic, in the middle of it all I only needed an instant to recognize that not running with your pads is not good for your health. I'm not able to remember the name of the man however, he was a linebacker from the Cardinals during their time in Phoenix. He blew me up. He smacked me on the 6- or 7-yard line and knocked me off the 2. He helped me get up and said, "Hey, Bo Hey, you need to make me pay my bill. You need to run harder. I'm looking at him like, 'You had lost your mind. I'm not going back into the hole anymore. When I came back I bounced it out and used my speed.

    Editor's note: In fourth quarter of a match of the Raiders in the playoffs against the Broncos in the month of December. 2 in 1990, Jackson made a score of 62 yards rushing touchdown, breaking five tackles in the process of getting to the end zone. Jackson finished the game by rushing 13 times for 117 yards and two scores.

    That [Denver] game at the time, after I had gotten through the linemen, I ran over one of the linebackers, then jumped over another. And if I'm not mistaken I struck their All-Pro linebacker, [Karl] Mecklenburg who sprinted past the defensive back to an end line. This is one play that stands out for me because I needed to do everything to getting someone to miss, leap into the air, then get low, and go for 60 yards for an elusive touchdown.

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