Yesterday, 2K Sports also published three cover characters

  • The well-known basketball game "NBA 2K" series creator 2K Sports' latest game "NBA 2K22" will be available for purchase on September 10th and pre-orders are readily available. The official FAQ section of the game reveals that the new version of "NBA 2K22" game, due to 2K22 MT be released on September 10, is only compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X Steam for PC players is still placed on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch. Officially, the company stated that it will keep looking into the possibility of games from the next generation being available on Switch and PC platforms.
    Yesterday, 2K Sports also published three cover characters to "NBA 2K22". They include NBA Lone Ranger star Luka Doncic, WNBA Chicago Sky star Candace Parker, and Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who marked the 75th anniversary for the NBA. Compilation. Compilation.

    Officials announced that there will be three versions to be released this year, each in physical and digital formats, including one standard edition and a cross-generation digital bundle, and a special NBA 75th anniversary edition. The cross-generation digital bundle includes an upgrade to the previous generation on Xbox or PS consoles, with just one purchase. Consider the PlayStation platform as an illustration. The players will get the PS4 and PS5 versions of "NBA 2K22".

    It is important to mention that while cross-platform games cannot be played across different PCs or hosts, different generations of the same host family can be able to play cross-platform games using MyTEAM mode.

    Officials also mentioned that while the team working on development is considering the possibility to release next-generation performance games onto Buy NBA 2K22 MT the Switch as well as PC however, their main goal is to make sure that "NBA 2K22" has the best performance on this latest console. However, the team is still working to ensure gamers have an exciting and innovative gaming experience on other platforms, It also confirms that PC gamers are not able to play the new generation efficient gaming version of computing.