I had 1.5m money in savings at the moment

  • If you are unable to access a fruit bat, then bunyip can be used, although it may limit your travel time since it can only heal at a rate of 80 LP per minute. If you feel that your trips are too short when using a tortoise/bunyip, you may be required to bring Guthans in place of Veracs and Buy OSRS Gold boost the healing abilities of your bunyip by attacking Spinolyps.

    If you have the Enhanced Excalibur that you have obtained from Hard Seers Diary, it's equally beneficial to utilize it because this attack can heal 200LP every 5 minutes. It can also increase defense. When your tortoise's reserves are empty, you'll want to eliminate it and pull out that fruit bat.

    Be sure to have brews as well as restores that are left in your inventory for emergencies healing i.e. do not use your fruit bat when you're out of drinks, for if get caught by Rex the situation could turn ugly. Make sure you have a quick emergency teleport.

    So I have... 241k maple longs in my bank that would increase in value if they were alched: but .... I have another (something similar to .... 3k ) alchs? This was very painful. I'd be tempted to autoclick in the future if I didn't think it was stupid.) But I can make money by playing slayer, because I'm using good equipment at present.

    I had 1.5m money in savings at the moment and RuneScape 2007 Gold I certainly never thought about earning too much money. this is the time to get rid of I think. 241k maple longs waiting to be smashed. Jump to it, Soldier. Slayer can earn you a lot of money If done properly. Take advantage of it, and be one of your money piles.