I'll go with him nxt time he gets online

  • I'll go with him nxt time he gets online.. I'd probably train my str to RuneScape Gold around 75-80. I'd also like to increase my strength to 70 in the future. Although training isn't that easy because I spend about 2 hours a day online. The best way to train is to kill 300 chickens per day and bury their bones, for 30 years in order to attain the highest level of combat, and also pray. However, i'm not going to stay waiting until I'm in my late 40s when I could be getting bandsos...

    I do get from 3hrs to 6 hours of rs time on holidays (except Sundays, where i receive 2 and a half hours available online..) But i seldom get them, as the weekend is a working day for me. The past four days were holiday weekends when I was able to get 4hrs, 3hrs 2.5hrs and 6hrs, respectively. The total was 15 and a half hours online..

    I was just playing for fun and training for power the following three days by using slayer. I moved from 65 to 70 atk, and from the 25-45 slayer. Then, he showed me his GP and he automatically said he SURELY IS NOT LIKING? C'mon, man. He could have made money by flipping the coin, or he could've bought gold.

    Dude, somethings just wrong about your training generally. The three days of training for power should not bring you to 10K slayer experience, I've done that in less than an hour. It's possible, but at your level, my bad time was about 5/6 in :3. And what do you mean regarding chickens? Are you using that method in your training?

    Can you tell us how you train? Most people don't go to GWD until they're level CB 100, which is usually in a 10 man team. 3 things: Conspicuous is correct. Torag's help isn't enough as you'll need karils/d conceal. Do you want to Cheap OSRS Gold make use of RS Wiki just a LITTLE? (E.g. your quest-related questions... as well as the equipment requirement ...)