A great set-up for Slayer that is relatively inexpensive

  • A great set-up for Slayer that is relatively inexpensive is to OSRS Gold make use of a Slayer Helm, or Neitznot (sp?) Helm until you can get the slayer's helmet, Amulet of Glory, Fighter Torso (can easily be obtained within a few hours) Platelegs of Torag's or Verac's Plateskirt , if you'll make use of prayer during your work as it gives the opportunity to pray, Whip or Dragon Scimitar Dragon Defender, and Dragon Boots and Obsidian Cape (unless you have a firecape or skillcape).

    It's important to remember that it's only an option for equipment and you are able to switch things to a different level. For example, you can switch out your defender in exchange for an Obsidian shield when you think you require the additional defensive boost. Alternatively, you can always make use of dragon platelegs, if you do not want to be repairing your barrow's armor as it wears down in battle.

    Also, if you don't meet the requirements of the quest for the helms, GET THEM. If you are planning to undertake any sort of killing, go through The Smoking Kills quest as soon as you can. Don't be scared to try different methods and discover what you like best.

    The entire set-up will cost around 2-2.5M which is an ideal overall setup for killing. Remember to also use some of that cash to buy super sets (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should be using on ALL your slayer tasks.

    You may think you are spending lots of Cheap RS3 Gold money initially, but it speedens your tasks significantly and is worthwhile, and you will be profiting from your slayer drops/clue scrolls regardless.