After acquiring every piece of graceful equipment, which is the main reason why you collect Marks of Grace, those yellow tokens can be spent to OSRS Buy Gold purchase Amylase Crystals packs which later are sold at Auction House for the price that is around 8k per. This allows Agility an effective skill for earning money while you train.

    You may also put aside marks of honor by changing the color of your clothes at the Great City of Kourend but it will require reaching 100% favor with any of the homes. There are seven different colors available: purple and blue, as well as two shades of blue white, green red and yellow. There's also a standard one for those looking to return to an old colors. The NPC that can paint your armor pieces with color is called Osten and he is located in the Shayzien house of Great Kourend.

    If you're looking to start taking part in Agility your best option would begin by completing quests. They offer a much higher performance per time than regular training methods. Successfully completing Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap along with the Grand Tree quests will get beginners in agility from level 1 to level 32 in a small amount of time.

    This course can be found at Tree Gnome Stronghold and is quite simple and simple to do. Make sure to go through every obstacle in the order that will result in a better experience. To reach level 5 it should take about 10 minutes, while 10 levels should be completed in 30 minutes. The course will require completion of small tasks to gain access to Tree Gnome Stronghold. You need to help NPC close to the gate, which will take a couple of seconds. This is the most agility arena for people with low levels.

    After you reach level 10, you're able to RS 2007 Gold head into Draynor Village. Although it is a first course, where you could risk getting injured if you don't complete an obstacles, food will not be needed since you can recharge your hit points earlier than hurting yourself.