It's worth the risk to lose your Graceful Outfit


    Visit the wilderness north of Edgeville where you can find Mage of Zamorak when you talk to the Dark Mage and teleporting to Abyss. Inside , you'll start in skulls, and OSRS Gold if you do die you will be unable to retrieve everything. Utilize one of the tunnels to get from the outer ring to the inside rings. You'll have to clear obstacles like mining rocks (which requires mining level), or cutting woods that block the path. be sure to carry a pickaxe or an axe.

    When you're done with the ritual, head to the Nature Altar portal and make runes on the altar. Utilize Amulets of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville bank and repeat the process. Keep in mind that most of this process takes place in Wilderness therefore, you could be targeted by other players.

    It's worth the risk to lose your Graceful Outfit since it can be easily returned, but you won't bring anything else more valuable with you. Even though crafting Nature runes only requires 44 Runecrafting they can be lucrative from 91 as you have the ability to create double Nature Runes. At this point it is possible to get around 20k exp and 800k gold each hour.

    In the future, you may choose to Law and Death Altar craft those at the Abyss. These Runes can be made similarly to Nature ones although usually they aren't as lucrative.

    You will need to complete Dragon Slayer 2 to access Myths Guild allowing you to make Wrath Runes. Also, you can get Mythical cape which isn't required , but it will allow you to Buy RS3 Gold connect towards the Altar. If you own a crafting cape , carry it around for convenience in banking. If you do not, take Games Necklace and teleport to Castle Wars when you need to make a withdrawal.