Monkey Madness was something I tried last year


    Monkey Madness was something I tried last year. I wasn't ready, and OSRS Gold didn't switch my Prayer on quickly enough before the demon started at me, and I didn't even know it, my connection stopped for about a millionth of seconds. Then, BOOM! I was dead.

    All of this combined to make my "YEARGH!" at 3am (ok, yeah, well, I didn't have anywhere to go that morning, y'know?) It's understandable given the circumstances. Monkey Madness' guide suggested that I have some of the Monkey GreeGree (and the M'Speak Amulet) in my possession to use when I had to confront the demon. However, I did. When I died, I had the M'Speak Amulet and the GreeGree.

    It doesn't state the procedure to get it back however it does say that it was possible. I went back to Ape Atoll to talk to the baby monkey. He began crying, and I informed him I lost it. I picked a banana and put the fruit on him. He replied, "I have no use for it, Uncle." Another attempt at communicating with him ended up telling him"That "The Monkey Child" was too busy crying ..." inside the chat box. Do you have any suggestions? Where can I get an updated Talisman to use at my bank? I have several monkey bodies, but the Talisman isn't there.

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