I am an inactive player who played between 2007


    I am an inactive player who played between 2007 and OSRS Gold the year 2011. I was trying to get up-to-date with the game when Evolution of Combat updated. The update has totally destroyed the game, and I'm now unsure if I should go back to playing.

    I was on the field for at least 4 hours each day during those 4 years. Friends, fun, and being able to be uninterested were the best things in my life. I'm more depressed than ever after seeing this update. What can I do? Do I just put aside all my good memories and play it over again? Do I need to go back to RS 07?

    While a lot is subjective, nobody who played Runescape in any of its versions in the past will be able to recreate the initial thrill or flush of trying out a new game or content.

    Everyone has a favourite game, or at least a stage in development. So if you choose 07scape over the current version that's fine. Many felt the same. Although there are still players on the servers, many of those first rushes of "OMG I'm missing this very much" were quickly forgotten.

    There were some mistakes made in the process, or have changed irrevocably with RS2 & EOC. However there were some fantastic enhancements and additions. Personally, i find the graphics in 07 depressing. But they were fair for the time. The main thing you, and we all, have to Cheap RS 2007 Gold find is do you want to remain playing the game you remember fondly, or watch the game grow, as much as some of that growth may be ugly mutations.