Runescape itself went downhill significantly after that

  • Runescape itself went downhill significantly after that. There were a lot of Jagex items were added to runescape, but not to improve it but to make more cash such as OSRS Gold bonus XP weekends. Removal of the Trade Limit and the return of old Wilderness. The whole thing was implemented without fixing the bot issue... which led to massive botting at all dragons, all high-level ores, slayers areas, Sorceress' Garden and all other ores. (February 1st 2011,).

    Buy an 90-day Runescape card, get an Ornate Katana (June 20, 2011). Jagex Loyalty Programme, June 28 31st, 2011. Invite a friend to earn an experience reward of 10% for one week. Jagex apparently didn't realize that players weren’t referring friends to runescape. They were simply referring their second Runescape Account(s) to Runescape as the friend who was "new". (August 18 and 19, 2011).

    I'm now wishing that dungeoneering had saved Runescape in the same way Jagex was hoping that the 25th skill would bring an era of new possibilities of Runescape gameplay... If the 25th skill brought in more people into Runescape perhaps those folks working at Insight Venture Partners would have gone on to leave Runescape to its own devices.

    Fly on the Wall and listen to the IVP/Jagex meeting of 2010. Representatives of Insight venture Partners to Jagex The meeting focused on Jagex's cash flow. You led us to Cheap RS Gold believe that this new "dungeoneering" update in April 2010 would boost your market share in the gamers' market. You were wrong to think that your cash flow has improved since April 2010. You had the opportunity. From this point on, we'll continue to do things our way.