How To Get Training Points In Madden 22 Ultimate Team

  • If you play a lot of Madden 22 Ultimate Team, one of the most important things is earning Training Points. These points allow you to level up cards, make purchases, and essentially have a successful go at mut this year.

    To help you build up your Madden Ultimate Team and stack coins and points, we’ve made a guide for you to get more Training Points in Madden 22.

    Complete MUT 22 Challenges

    You can earn training points by completing MUT challenges, and you can earn Madden 22 Coins too. But this isn’t the best or easiest way to get points. For starters, not all MUT challenges offer training points, and then there’s the obvious issue of how long it takes to complete challenges and earn the points you need. Here are the challenges that are best for earning Training Points:

    Head to Head
    Weekly Solos
    Legends Solos
    Kickoff Challenges
    Superstar Challenges
    Gridiron Guardians
    Flashback Challenges

    Some of the challenges allow you to adjust the skill level for better rewards. Not all of the challenges will give you Training Points, but they can give you players which you can quicksell.

    Quicksell Players

    Your best option for getting training points is through Madden 22’s quicksell, which you’ll need cards for. We least recommend buying them since you can earn them by playing the game normally by playing online matches or completing challenges.

    Once you’ve got some cards saved up that you don’t want to keep, sell them off for training points. You can also buy them at auctions, though your chances of finding good prices on valuable cards are, naturally, rather random in these things. You’ve got to be careful when doing this, though, as you could lose players vital to the lineup, especially for Theme Teams.

    The higher the overall rating, the more Training Points you’ll receive. Here’s a guide to the MUT card values:

    62-65 Overall: 4 Training Points
    66-69 Overall: 6 Training Points
    70 Overall: 10 Training Points
    71 Overall: 12 Training Points
    72 Overall: 15 Training Points
    73 Overall: 18 Training Points
    74 Overall: 21 Training Points
    75 Overall: 26 Training Points
    76 Overall: 31 Training Points
    77 Overall: 38 Training Points
    78 Overall: 46 Training Points
    79 Overall: 56 Training Points
    80 Overall: 110 Training Points
    81 Overall: 160 Training Points
    82 Overall: 230 Training Points
    83 Overall: 340 Training Points
    84 Overall: 490 Training Points
    85 Overall: 710 Training Points
    86 Overall: 1030 Training Points
    87 Overall: 1500 Training Points
    88 Overall: 2180 Training Points
    89 Overall: 3150 Training Points
    90 Overall: 5000 Training Points
    91 Overall: 7000 Training Points

    That’s everything you need to know on how to get Training Points in Madden NFL 22. For more tips, tricks and guides, search here for more coverage on the game.