After the stage truss is completed, these follow-up inspections

  • guangzhou truss stage equipment factory reminds that after the stage truss is built, these follow-up inspections must be done! After the beams between the columns of the stage truss are connected to the square and the position is confirmed, the iron base of the light truss should be leveled, and the stage truss makes the entire base in a degree state. The adjustment state of the foot cup is that the wheels on the base are just separated within 5mm in the air.

    1. It is necessary to stop the installation strictly in accordance with the process requirements. Under normal conditions, first assemble the main components of the aluminum alloy truss, and install it from the inside to the outside or from the inside to the surface.

    2. During the whole process of installation and assembly of aluminum alloy truss, compulsory methods shall not be used to assemble components.

    3. In order to prevent the occurrence of various internal actions and reduce its installation deformation, proper hoisting machinery and installation space should be equipped in the pre-assembly site of the aluminum alloy truss.

    4. The pre-assembled tire mold technology requires laying, and its rigidity should be ensured. When the aluminum alloy truss parts are pre-assembled, it is necessary to stop in a natural state so that they can be correctly installed on the installation position of the relevant components.

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