Aluminum Truss Stage is widely used

  • Aluminum Truss Stage is relatively wide. Such products are mainly used to connect and can reflect performance. For us, we are also willing to choose such products. What is the characteristics of aluminum truss tempered glass or laminated glass? How much thick? Next, we will discuss the material characteristics of common stage truss to facilitate you to choose. This is the advantage of the product:

    Feeds in tempered glass stage truss: glass is broken into small particles similar to honeycomb, which will not cause significant damage to the human body. Bending strength: The intensity of the tempered glass is usually 3-5 times the ordinary glass.

    The tempered glass is higher than that of ordinary tempered glass.

    After break, there will be no fragments fall, but the whole rubber is sticky together, very safe. The price of the aluminum truss is slightly higher than the normal tempered glass of the same thickness. Aluminum alloy stage selection quality and safe glass manufacturers in cooperation. The truss in this stage has the following characteristics:

    Welcome resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, will not change yellow or hydrolysis due to sun shining;

    Long service life, more than 3 years more than other materials and products;

    The light transmittance is good, up to 92%, low light intensity, saving electric energy;

    The impact resistance is 16 times that of ordinary glass is suitable for installation of particularly safe;

    Good insulation performance, suitable for various electrical equipment;

    Light weight, more than ordinary glass, less load and support for the building;

    Bright color and high brightness are other materials that cannot be combined;

    Has strong plasticity, large shape changes, easy to process and form, and higher recovery, and therefore, environmental awareness is increasingly enhanced.