Trends of cuts and hairstyles for the new year

  • The new year is loaded with new styles and trends for hair. Do you want to know some of the most interesting and flattering ones? We recommend 4 looks for your hair that you are going to love!


    1. Bangs, a very cool trend for all types of hair

    The bangs have been very fashionable for several years. They are great for all those girls who want a hairstyle with a sophisticated air, without the need for too many touch-ups every day. There are them for all styles and types of face. Among the most fashionable fringes, the curtain or gringe fringe. Although the dense, long, straight and paraded ones are also worn. If you are not convinced by cutting your Peruvian hair bundles wholesale to change your look, you can always resort to removable bangs, they are very natural!


    1. The half manes or midi cuts renewed and the bobs

    Long hair stockings are very popular, they are ideal for all those girls who have damaged hair and want to renew them with style. Of course, they are worn with light, little marked waves, it is the wob hair. If you add a thick and straight bangs, you already have your bob hair.


    1. If yours is long hair, bet on the long bob XL

    If you want a super fashionable cut, but without leaving your long hair behind, the long bob XL, for long, curly or wavy hair. If you combine it with highlights or brown tones, you will be very favored.


    1. XL manes

    Long and XL manes never go out of style, they bring a more youthful touch to your face, in addition, it allows you to achieve almost any hairstyle you propose. And if you don't have long hair, it's not a problem! Simply add some adhesive extensions of natural hair if you want to achieve a long and abundant mane.


    1. What colors do they wear?

    Changing your hair color is the perfect option to give your look a radical change. For the less daring, browns are a trend and for the most daring… platinum blondes, pinks, pastel pink and pink blonde, a very interesting mix of blonde and pink from hair wholesale factory. And if what you like are highlights, this year 3D balayage highlights are the best. Don't you dare with some highlights? Come to one of our salons to try the new 1cm adhesive natural hair extensions, you will achieve a wick effect without having to resort to chemical products to change your look.