Genshin Impact did not choose to increase anniversary rewards u

  • Although Genshin Impact earned more than $1 billion from gacha pull, miHoYo did not give away any rewards that are meaningful for the first anniversary of the game, which made players strongly protest in the Genshin Impact community.

    The problem is that many rewards in activities such as fan art or role-playing competitions are hidden. Micro-network activities mainly provide players with these rewards, including an activity that is actually the gashapon system itself. However, 10% of players will get a month's daily Primogem drop (worth about $5), and the other 90% will Buy Genshin Impact Accounts only get a relatively useless 100,000 Mora. So no players will be happy.

    Because the gashapon game has made a good income, in order to encourage players to stay, they will go all out in the anniversary event. However, Genshin made the opposite decision. Even if the fans counterattacked and adjusted the proportion of social media for several weeks, it still had no effect. Genshin has not released any news related to it, and continues to carry out the activities previously released. There are still a few days before the true anniversary of September 28. Even if fans hope to receive a special surprise on that day, from the current situation, miHoYo should not make any changes.

    Of course, what fans most want to see are free five-star characters. The most basic idea is to be able to get one of the five "basic" stars in the general banner. At least one year later, this is something meaningful to all players, and new and old players can also benefit together. In the history of Genshin Impact, there are only two free five-stars. One is Aloy from Sony’s cross-promotion of Horizon Zero Dawn. The other is the basic hero The Traveler at the beginning of the game, but most Genshin Impact Account Buy paid five-stars are still better Their comprehensive strength is strong.

    Five-star characters are very useful for all Genshin Impact players, they can help players complete those more difficult tasks. However, the game itself has only two free five-stars, which is far from meeting the needs of players for adventure missions. Secondly, their strength is far inferior to those paid five-stars. But buying five stars inside the game is very expensive, so you can go to MMOWTS to see, where cheap Genshin Impact Accounts are selling, which will contain all kinds of five-star characters you want.