How to complete the final quest of WoW TBC Brewfest

  • Corin Direebre is the ultimate goal of WoW TBC Brewfest. By defeating the final boss of the mission, you can get some convenient jewels, such as those TBC gadgets that are very suitable for level 70. The Grim Guzzler will make Rogues drop a great dagger. If Fury Warriors has no other useful weapons, then this dagger would be a good choice. The Direbrew’s Remote can easily teleport your team directly to Grim Guzzler.

    In addition, players also have the opportunity to obtain a limited edition of WOW TBC Classic Gold the Tauren and Dwarf mounts (the Brewfest Kodo and Brefeest Ram) in this event. This event is their only opportunity for opposing factions to obtain traditionally exclusive mounts for alliances and tribes.

    Finally, Corin Direbrew will drop some very useful trinkets, which are very similar to the WoW TBC summer event trinkets from Lord Ahune.

    So how do players get to Corin Direbrew?

    First you need to reach Black Rock Depths (BRD). Then go to the Dark Iron Mole Machine on the right hand side of the dungeon entrance, and then go to the Grim Guzzler. What players need to pay attention to is that if you want to start
    the mole machine, first you have to complete the battle with some mobs. There is another way, players can use Direbrew Remote to teleport their team directly to the Corin Direbrew encounter.

    In addition, you must remember to talk to the Brewfest Spy to complete daily quests. Then you need to stay away from all happy customers and go to Corin Direbrew in the left room of Grim Guzzler's room. After using your WOW Classic TBC Gold tank to talk to Corin Direbrew and insult him, the battle begins.

    To win the final battle of the WoW TBC Brewfest event, players need to upgrade their character level and equipment level, so they need to consume a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold. However, for many players, WOW TBC Classic Gold has always been lacking. So they will buy directly through safe and reliable third-party software like MMOWTS. In this way, the efficiency of players obtaining WOW TBC Classic Gold is improved, their level upgrades become faster, and various quests in the game are easier to complete.