Blizzard is solving the lag problem in WoW’s Sanctum of Dominat

  • Blizzard Entertainment is "working hard" to solve the lag problem in World of Warcraft’s Sanctum of Domination raid. In particular, players have had countless complaints about the "burst of lag" in the phase one of the Sylvanas Windrunner encounter.

    Blizzard explained in the Blue post on August 25: The calculation of "higher-than-usual" at the beginning of the battle resulted in "facilitate the complex mechanics" of the three-phase encounter, making it the The root cause of the Sylvanas problem. Developers are looking for a solution to this problem, but they also want to avoid changing the design or mechanism of the boss.

    Developers are not only solving the problem of the initial delay in the outbreak that they have encountered earlier, but also looking for delays in other stages of the battle. But they did not reproduce the delay in the test environment.

    The developers found that “many frequent updates” need to be continuously sent to the player’s game client due to the game mechanics, resulting in a large number of message transmissions appearing in the Sylvanas fight.

    They organize and distribute the "unrelated changes" and "accumulated changes" of the server process on the server hardware, thereby causing their server process to be more "concentrated".

    So the developer finally came to the conclusion that the lag was TBC Classic Gold caused by the combination of the above-mentioned various factors.

    Therefore, in WoW's recent weekly maintenance, developers will make changes to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold their "distribute" server processes to ease the latency problem.

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