How to solve the puzzle of Relics of Seirai

  • Although Relics of Seirai may seem like a difficult puzzle, it is actually very easy to solve.

    The Genshin Impact activation mechanism was originally relatively simple in Genshin Account the new world mission, but it became a bit tricky in the 2.1 update.

    Because you need to activate more than one, although it follows similar rules with the previous puzzle mode, there are still some differences.

    1.How to start Relics of Seirai

    You need to go to Koseki Village on Seirai Island, where you need to rescue Fujiwara Toshiko who is under attack, and then start the treasure hunt through conversation.

    Then at a nearby location, Toshiko will give you a form, and then according to the order of the activation symbols he gave you, it is easy to unlock the first mechanism.

    2.Relics of Seirai puzzle 2

    Lower the hole, and then pull the lever. Start near the tiles on the right and follow the perimeter of the square into the center. You cannot reach the tile you want directly by other methods, otherwise it will start over.

    3. Relics of Seirai puzzle 3

    The third puzzle is relatively difficult. Because each time you enter Genshin Impact Accounts the game, the puzzle is random, so there is no accurate way to pass the level, but you can still use the "walk the perimeter and work towards the center" mode. Before opening the treasure chest, make sure your party is in order. Soon, you will face Hilichurls, Nobushi, and some Cryo and Hydro Fatui agents.

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