The Rapier has dual abilities in New World

  • Blood and Grace are the two trees of Rapier, and their focus is different. Grace is a tree that focuses on defense, does not focus on original damage, but mainly has a greater role in mobility and avoidance. Blood has more powerful capabilities in Damage over Time and quick Bursts or damage.

    Nevertheless, Rapier has a higher range for one-handed weapons. It uses Buy New World Coins the fantasy of a duel as a selling point, the narrow thrust is most of its attacks, and therefore requires precision and practice to be rewarded.

    In PVP and PVE, the use of this weapon is very flexible. Regardless of the circumstances, it can provide relatively stable damage. Among them, the combination of Tondo, Flurry and Evade is very suitable for leveling, which can help you avoid external damage and has a pretty good damage output.

    The Rapier Primarily is mainly proportional to Dexterity, and Intelligence is its New World Coins secondary attribute. The Primary stat is generally a good second weapon for Bow and Musket Users. And Magic Weapons will be the best choice with secondary stat.

    Since the Rapier can provide players with two attributes, the abilities provided by each attribute may not be particularly prominent, so it needs to be matched with other types of weapons.

    However, it is not easy to obtain another powerful weapon in the game, and a large amount of New World Coins must be accumulated to purchase them. And Newworldcoins knows the needs of players well, there are a lot of New World Coins for players there, act quickly to buy it.