In New World, which weapon match with The War Hammer is more su

  • The War Hammer is very similar to the Great Axe, but it is more useful in PvP. Even though it is very slow to use as a weapon, the two trees provide him with a lot of crowd control. Crowd Crusher provides it with a lot of AoE damage, while Juggernaut Tree provides it with a single target selection.

    Due to the slow attack and long activation time of many of New World Coins the War Hammer skills, they are widely used in PvP. Among them, its most powerful place can cause huge damage in large-scale PvP situations (such as organized faction attacks and wars). Because in this case its high crowd control and AoE can play the best role.

    The Path of Destiny of Shockwave and Crowd Crusher Tree can make full use of its AoE potential in the early levels of the game, and if you want to have a powerful single target option for a powerful target, then Armor Breaker or Mighty Gavel will be your better choice . Although Wrecking Ball not only provides you with Path of Destiny, the situation in PvP has not changed much.

    Both The War Hammer and the Great Axe rely on power for Buy New World Coins output, which is very similar. And it will be better to match with weapons like hatchet that lack AoE and a large amount of crowd control. When it is matched with Great Axe, it can improve its mobility. In addition, when paired with weapons such as Sword and Shield, it not only has the ability to control crowds but also absorb damage.

    Due to the particularity of the War Hammer skill, it can be matched with many types of weapons. But you still need enough New World Coins to upgrade it, otherwise its damage power is far from enough. But earning New World Coins in the game is very slow, but in Newworldcoins, you can buy enough New World Coins at the lowest price. Come and take a look!