How to use Great Axe in New World

  • Great Axe is the most heavy Melee weapon. It has huge damage potential and also provides amazing chasing and capturing potential. And what Mauler and Reaper Trees provides will be able to balance the power of this weapon.

    Great Axe will appear weak in PvE. Although its AoE is excellent, with a large number of AoE skills and high-range slashing attacks, the damage it causes is indeed very weak. But in PvP, because it can lock a large number of New World Coins targets, its ability is particularly prominent.

    Maelstrom and Whirlwind are skills that players generally upgrade in the early stages of the game. But if you only use it in PvP, the upgrade priority of Charge and Gravity Well will be higher. Under these two premises, if you want to use Charge to travel through the open world faster, then you can choose Execute for the third skill.

    Great Axe is a Two Handed Melee weapon, and its damage strength is reduced. And since it has no additional scaling, it is generally used as a supplement to another Melee weapon. And Hatchet is the most commonly used combination with it, as it makes up for Hatchet's lack of RPG New World Coins practicality when performing violent constructions.

    It is very important to have a powerful weapon in New World, but the premise is that you must have enough New World Coins. However, earning New World Coins in the game is very slow, but in Newworldcoins, you can use the lowest price Enough to buy enough New World Coins, come and take a look!