How to match Throwing Tree with Hatchet in New World

  • Hatchet is used as an excellent weapon in both PvP and PvE, and when it is combined with Throwing Tree, it will be able to exert its special effects. So what exactly is this effect? Let's take a look.

    Throwing Tree can Buy New World Coins provide players with several throwing abilities with useful effects. And Rending Throw, Social Distancing, and Infected Throw are the three skills of Throwing Tree.

    Rending Throw can increase your damage output while reducing the enemy's damage absorption ability. In PvP, Social Distancing can provide you with a slow backward movement and at the same time stretch you well away from your opponent. The role of Infected Throw is to reduce the player's healing ability by using diseases.

    This tree can replace your block with the ability to throw an axe, which serves as another node of it. If you want the damage to cause a series of critical strikes, then you need to repeatedly hit New World Coins the target's head to combine with other nodes of the Throwing Tree. At the same time, it also has a passive ability to return stamina when the target is critically hit or affected by the state.

    Persistent Hindrance is the ultimate skill of Throwing Tree. The function of this skill is to hit the target by throwing the axe, thereby extending the duration of the debuff effect of the axe by 30%. Once all axe skills have increased debuff effects, such as slowed, rended, weakened or even diseased, the duration of these effects can be extended after the target is hit.

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