How to use Hatchet this weapon effectively in New World?

  • There are various weapons in New World, and each weapon has its own advantages, disadvantages and gameplay. Today, we will introduce you to the gameplay and functions of Hatchet.

    Hatchet has a long range option, and he is one of the weapons in a pair of melee. Its tree is divided into two parts: Throwing Tree and Berserker Tree. Throwing Tree is dedicated to this range of components, and Berserker Tree can provide powerful and ruthless attacks.

    In PvP and PvE, it is used as an excellent weapon. However, most of its energy is in cooling is its biggest disadvantage. But when everyone else has useful skills, it reflects the powerlessness and boringness of this weapon.

    The skill combination of Berserk and Raging Torrent is very useful for leveling players. Among them, Raging Torrent has a wide range of uses. It can be used for Buy New World Coins Feral Rush in PvP utility or sprint in games, and Rending Throw to dispatch enemies faster in PvE.

    It has the same skill attribute as Sword and Shield, Strength occupies the main proportion of it, and Dexterity is its secondary attribute. Since it and Sword and Shield are scaled through the same main attributes, they are generally used in combination to provide additional continuous damage to powerful tanks. Because it also has the attribute of secondary zoom, it can also be used with tools such as bows, muskets, and spears.

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