What is Ones to Watch cards?

  • In all modes of the FIFA series, Ultimate Team still maintains the most popular trend. When a special promotion card is added every year, it can effectively increase the player's participation.

    EA has previously announced that FUT Heroes will be added to FIFA 22, which FUT 22 Coins made fans very happy. At this time, after the announcement of the return of the Ones to Watch card, fans were even more happy.

    The real on-field actions in Ultimate Team will have a direct impact on what happens in the mode, which may be the biggest attraction for players.

    More importantly, the recent transfer of a player to a new team is a special item that the Ones to Watch card displays such information. Players' performance in clubs and countries will be matched with their dynamic scores.

    When winning the best team award in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Coins weekly competition, the overall score of each player will be improved accordingly. For example, in FIFA 21, Ferran Torres has a score of 81, while the status card received has a score of 84. He will maintain the same rating as the Ones to Watch card until the end of this year's season.

    The special one-time upgrade for these items is a new feature in the promotion. The role of "Wins to Watch". For example, after October 1st, if an OTW player's team has 5 victories in 10 games, their score will increase by 1.

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