Predict the ratings of the top four Miami Heat players in NBA 2

  • Duncan Robinson – 80

    The Miami Heat have just signed a five-year contract with Duncan Robinson. His overall performance has been Buy NBA 2K22 MT outstanding in the past two seasons, so his rating will be improved.

    In last year's game, his total score was 77, but this completely fails to show his important role in the Miami Heat. It is necessary for him to be at least 80 in this season.

    Kyle Lowry – 86

    Kyle Lowry has played at an All-Star level for the past seven seasons. If the score is lower than 85 points, it is extremely inconsistent with his level.

    And this year's great Miami Heat team will have NBA 2K22 MThim to join, corresponding to 2K may give him a suitable score. The score of 86 is very in line with him. If he plays well in this year's season, his score may rise to around 88.

    Bam Adebayo – 88

    As a young All-Star and best defensive player, he will fully prove in the finals that he is the second best player on the team.

    In this year's 2K22, he may continue to maintain last year's 88 rating. Even if they might drop his score by one or two points, please don't care too much, but 88 points are very consistent for him.

    Jimmy Butler – 90

    Jimmy Butler's performance in the playoffs last season was not satisfactory. The game against the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round was one of the worst series of his career.

    2K may lower his 92 rating last season based on his performance in the playoffs. After getting to know Butler, his rating will rise to around 93 by the end of this year.

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