New World series, are you looking forward to it?

  • Do you want to know more about Angry Earth? Do you want to be fully prepared to fight the enemies of Aeternum? And now, as a new series-Tales of Aeternum will be released on New World's YouTube channel, allowing players to have more and more detailed understanding of legends and characters all over the world.

    An experience in Angry Earth was narrated by Marsh Walker Afolabi. In order to prevent the settlers from living too comfortable, some dangerous signs are being revealed in the New World, showing the earth's anger at the occupation of the land.

    During your adventure in the land, you will encounter some enemies that hinder you, such as: Glowing wolves, wooden bowman and blighted creatures.

    Once Tales of Aeternum is widely circulated, players will have to welcome more things as the game continues. After the postponement of the release date of New World on August 31, the release date was set for September 28 and released on Steam or Amazon on PC. The postponement was announced after the release of the New World beta, and within a week more than 200,000 players were attracted by the beta. Amazon Game Studios explained: The reason why the game has been New World Coins postponed many times is to let the game be released in the best state. Continuous feedback from the game is the desirability of the game's continuous postponement. It also means that more work needs to be done to make the game enter the prime time. It also shows that the community is sending a signal to the players.

    Although the game is being postponed, when we asked the community if they would play RPG New World Coins New World, most of them still had expectations for this game.

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