Changes in FUT Champions and Stadium Customisation in FIFA 22 U

  • FUT Champions

    Since FUT Champions is no longer spreading just over three days like the previous game version, it is now changed to a whole week, so there will be no weekend leagues in FIFA 22.

    This year, the championship play-offs and finals will no longer take FUT 22 Coins the victory to qualify as in the past, but will change to a points system, which can make you improve even if you do not win.

    If you want to enter the play-offs, you still need to get enough championship qualification points among the divisional competitors.

    If you want to know what you will get at the end of each six-week FUT season, you need to decide based on the championship ranking and the points earned by the rewards, and these points can be earned through play-offs.

    Once you get enough points through the championship play-off, then you can get the finals qualification token that can be used at any time.

    FUT Champions Finals takes three days. No longer like FIFA 21, you can only enter on Friday. Now you can enter on any day of the three days. This has become a new weekend league.

    Stadium Customisation

    In FIFA 22, some new content has been added to the FUT Stadium in FIFA 21.

    If you are a super fan, not only can you get additional TIFO, but you can also enter the newly added VIP area in the center of the stand.

    Crowd customization options are divided into Buy FUT 22 Coins three categories: Crowd Cards, Two-Stick Banners and Crowd Flags.

    There is also a new XL TIFO for FIFA 22 that can be combined with a smaller TIFO.

    Now to make it easier for you to find stadium projects, you can help you by using color filters in the search on the transfer market.

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