Path of Exile 2 may be launched before 2024

  • GGG has been working on Path of Exile for a while, and although it continues to develop through the alliance, Path of Exile 2 is farther than many people think. It was previously announced that it will be launched sometime in 2022, but it is still a long time away. If some PoE fans are looking forward to Path of Exile, they can also POE Currency Buy in advance.

    GGG was a tiny company when Path of Exile was originally conceived. Over the years, the studio has achieved tremendous development, reflecting the development path of the game in the industry and ARPG genre. Path of Exile has been around for nearly eight years. It has gone through many stages and changes, making it one of the most successful and oldest games of its kind, even surpassing large games such as Diablo 3. Players can also buy POE Currency in the game to increase the gaming experience. In 2019, GGG hosted Exilecon, an event dedicated to Path of Exile and its future. Here, the 4.0 expansion of the base game was announced, just to completely shift the hype to another major announcement: Path of Exile 2.

    Path of Exile 2 should not really be labeled because it will be the same game, but players can choose which campaign to run and buy POE Currency for their character in the game, and this choice is also accompanied by the base game and Path of Exile 2. The playable characters in Path of Exile 2 will be new characters with their own sublimation careers. The game will be full of new behaviors and various customization options. The game was originally scheduled to be released sometime in 2022, but because of the pandemic and the lack of environmental artists in GGG, Chris Wilson recently stated in the latest Baeclast episode that the release date is actually 2024 or a little earlier.

    This news is very frustrating for PoE fans, but it is gratifying that GGG will have enough time to polish Path of Exile 2, and players will also have enough time to prepare POE Currency and learn relevant information. Players hope that when they play Path of Exile 2, it will be a more beautiful and interesting game.