NBA 2K22 ratings: LeBron is angry with Steph and KD should be 9

  • In NBA 2K22, everyone wants their favorite players to Buy 2K22 MT. Of course, this is even more true for the players themselves. Having stronger players means being able to increase the chances of winning in the game. So players will choose to buy NBA 2K22 MT to unlock their favorite players. Recently, the ratings of NBA 2K22 are being announced one after another, and players are all excited about it.

    In Durant’s three years with the Warriors, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant once again made a big quarrel. This is some other basketball news. However, this time it is about the world of basketball video games. The ratings of NBA 2K22 began to be announced on Wednesday, and LeBron James was not happy. What disturbs this Los Angeles Lakers superstar is not even his own evaluation, at least not publicly.

    James is very upset that Steph Curry and Kevin Durant both won 99. In his eyes, the combination of the two should be 99. No player has a rating higher than 96 in the game. In fact, James, Curry, Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo all received the highest ratings with 96. However, Curry’s rating is actually 99. In other words, as a three-point shooter. He is the top shooter in long distance competitions, ahead of Warriors teammate Klay Thompson. Seth Curry is the fourth-ranked three-point shooter with a rating of 90.

    In fact, even if the players they love do not get high ratings, in the game, players can also choose some stronger players. There is still less than a month since the release of NBA 2K22. Players can prepare for NBA 2K22 MT as soon as possible to get a better gaming experience than others.