How do you change the settings of your mouse in Lost Ark

  • In reality, Lost Ark has a quite extensive system that permits players to Lost Ark Boosting set up their hotkeys and modify their gameplay around different types of gameplay. Still, mouse controls are tougher than most other hotkeys for optimizing.

    To alter the settings of your mouse in Lost Ark, the first thing you'll want to do is open your in-game options by hitting the Escape key. Once you've done that, you'll find a list of dropdown menus to access. Select the menu titled "Hotkeys" for access to your controls and button-mapping options.

    Once you're in the "Hotkeys" menu navigate down until you come to the section known as "Basic Controls." If you glance over, you'll notice two boxes in red with an icon for the mouse within them. Additionally, you'll see an icon that locks these boxes, indicating the boxes aren't able modified.

    Although your mouse's controls are locked, don't worry, you'll be allowed to review your settings and will see an option for "Attack using Right-click" just a couple of boxes to the left. Turn this box on or off based on which button is more comfortable for you to work with.

    If the "Attack with Right-click" option is on it will allow you to Lost Ark Gold for sale be able to interact, move and grab items using the left mouse button. If it's toggled off it will instead be using left-click for attacking and right-click to do everything else.