How do I change the mouse settings in Lost Ark

  • An important actions you'll make while laying out the control plan within Lost Ark Items is deciding whether you'd like to utilize left-click or right-click to be your standard attack button. While this choice may seem permanent at first, due to the way in which some of the game's settings appear, there are ways to alter your control of the mouse in your in-game choices.

    In actual fact, Lost Ark has a very well-designed system that allows players to set up their buttons and customize the way they play on different kinds of games. Still, mouse controls are harder than many other hotkeys in order to be optimized.

    To change the settings of your mouse to alter your mouse settings in Lost Ark, the first step you'll need to take is open your game's In-game options by holding the Escape key. There's various dropdown menus you can use. Select the menu entitled "Hotkeys" to gain access to your options for controlling buttons and buttons.

    Once you're inside your "Hotkeys" menu scroll down until you come to the section named "Basic Controls." If you look over, you'll notice two red boxes with an icon of the mouse inside of them. Additionally, you'll see the lock icon in front of these boxes. This indicates they're not able to be changed.

    Even if your mouse controls are locked, do not fret; you'll be able examine your settings more and will see an option for "Attack with Right-click" in the next few boxes. Switch this box on cheap Lost Ark Gold or off, depending on which mouse button you prefer you to use.