You can remove a task if you don't like killing something

  • Hello I have a concern concerning combat training, and as efficiency has never really been my forte, I was hoping that someone else here could give me guidance. I'm planning to OSRS Gold For Sale become members soon and am hoping to achieve my goal of completing my combat (I've been a member for quite a while now, and am not sure why I've never done this).Is it more beneficial to max out combat while getting 99 slayer or is it better just to build up the skill at bandits or spiders?

    It seems to be more profitable to use slayer but also seems to require a longer period of time which can be used to pursue other revenue-generating methods. If you don't have a problem, what is the most effective setup (preferable less than 20 million) for your method. Is the course of instruction just a matter of the individual's preference?

    You don't need the finest equipment to train, the benefits are merely a tiny fraction, and you don't need to work via Slayer also. The suggestion to train Slayer originates from top level players looking back and saying, "meh, wish I had trained Slayer today, I'm at 138, and have 10 levels to go."Slayer's skill has two benefits that are:

    You always kill something different. You can remove a task if you don't like killing something. The disadvantages is that eventually you get bored of it as well, and can only take out five monsters. Additionally, certain monsters don't work well in training melee.

    I'd suggest training with Slayer regardless but you've read all the facts, so your choice is yours. In terms of RS 2007 Fire Cape recommended equipment the Black Mask or a Slayer helm is an absolute must. Additionally, you'll only require one whip (or the chaotic weapon from Dungeoneerin).